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Moving Scams To Be Wary Of When Dealing with Moving Companies

The moving industry has grown in bits and bounds over the last decade or so into a huge and highly competitive one. Today, it seems like anyone can take on a truck, slap a company logo, display their contact details on their website and the yellow pages and market themselves as a legitimate Corrigan Moving company. But just how legitimate is such a company and how trustworthy are they in handling your valuable possessions? The anonymity that comes with internet usage has complicated matters even further, especially when smart scammers find new and better ways to convince those in need of their services that they are genuine.

One of the most common mistakes you should avoid as the client is to take on verbal agreements. Should a dispute arise in the process, it will evolve into a case of they said/you said which sometimes may even end up in the corridors of justice. Always ensure every form of communication with your mover has a paper trail to it, starting with the moving quotes. This way, you will have some tangible proof should you need to trace a legitimate moving scam when it occurs. Still, on point, there is a very common scam whereby the mover gives "low ball price" or a very low verbal moving quote. Once you agree to their service here, you will end up being slapped by an exorbitant figure in the course of the journey or when the job is completed.

Note that a mover that wants to pull a moving scam on you will use your valuables as leverage and will threaten to take the inventory unless you agree to cover the full costs. Again, this is where a contract comes in, and a physical hard copy at that that is duly signed by both parties. Of course, you must ensure you read the terms and conditions of service, just in case they claim the increased cost is justified in a clause on their fine print.

It is also important to cushion yourself against moving scams by asking for the full legal name, registration details, physical address and contact information of the mover that you are considering. Also, ask for past customer references and get to inquire how long they have been in the moving business. Do your due diligence, check online for reviews and contact the references provided to get firsthand information of dealing with the mover you are considering.
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